The Melbourne Stencil Festival 2009

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At the end of September 09 the Napier Crew participated in the Melbourne Stencil Festival. This allowed us to create a massive mural in the Collingwood underground car park.
‘The Melbourne Stencil Festival is focused on benefiting practicing stencil and street artists. At the same time, the festival seeks to benefit the community through participation, understanding and collaboration of stencil and street art and promote Melbourne as a global centre of stencil art.’
For its theme, the mural was largely left up to the Napier Crew to design. We limited colour and worked together on the aesthetics so that the final outcome was very much a collaborative production.
There were four other professional production crews that the Napier Crew were working along side. They Napier guys did a fantastic job, Keeping pace with some of the best production crew around.

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