The Safeway Art Project

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Brings the visual artwork of young people to an unusual exhibition space – Collingwood Safeway in Smith Street, Victoria. The works were on show at the supermarket on Smith Street from Tuesday May 27th to June 31st 2008.
The project has been organised by the Napier Studio

All the people involved in the project were street artists whose work might otherwise have appeared on public walls. By working with the Napier Studio, the artists have been encouraged to put their visual ideas on to canvas instead of walls – some for the first time.

We aimed to get our work stolen. We felt that that was the highest complement in such a diverse and public space. By the end of the exhibition seven paintings had been stolen. ‘We thought it was great.’ Another unusual aspect to this exhibition was that we sold the work directly off the wall. This meant that when someone brought a work we would give them the work straight off the wall. We then replaced the sold painting with another one. This meant that the show continued to evolve.

Curated by Adrian Doyle

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