Disquiet – Platform Artist Inc.

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This project was the culmination of a year of workshops ran at the Moorabin Town Hall and auspice through Bentley-Bayside community health service. Denise Divenvoorden worked with me during all aspects of this project.

We ran art installation workshops with homeless or at risk of being homeless young people aged between 14-20 years old. We received a one off grant of around $25,000 to run the entire project. Many of the works were created collaboratively. We worked very closely together over the year. Working in a variety of mediums: animation, ceramics, paint, assemblage etc.


The young people felt that this was their opportunity to give a voice to there experience.

The exhibition ‘disquiet’ was held at platform artist inc. This is a public gallery under the main train station in Melbourne.

The gallery consisted of 17 large glass boxes that are in the wall as people walk to the different platforms.


60,000 people walk down this public walkway everyday. After the exhibition opened the two works shown above ‘fucking Suburbia’ and ‘for sale’ were eventually banned due to the public outcry and the media attention. The gallery was a great support through the whole process. I think artistically the show was a success. And the young people were happy that they were taken so seriously.

This was an important project and a great installation exhibition.

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