Disquiet Book Launch & Photographic Exhibition

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Written By Adrian Doyle

adrian-doyle_disquiet_6Disquiet is a book that examines the last four years of the Napier Studio. The Napier Studio is a street art project that works with young people 26 years old or under. Citylink fund the studios and the City of Yarra run them. The book looks at all the public street projects that the Napier has completed. Over the past four years there has been about 20 major projects with a variety of artists and young people. The book also examines the Melbourne street art scene and artist black books.

adrian-doyle_disquiet_5The book was launched at the Centre for Contemporary Photograph with an exhibition. The exhibition also titled ‘Disquiet’ and aimed to reveal the hidden community and the relationships that have developed, and are such an important part of the Napier Studios.

adrian-doyle_disquiet_4City of Yarra is honoured to work with Transurban Citylink to support the development and growth of Napier Studio. Since its inception in 2004, Napier Studio has grown to be one of the largest street art studios in Melbourne and the quality of the work it produces is arguably of the standard of major street productions in Australia.

adrian-doyle_disquiet_3Napier Studio has pushed the boundaries of what street art can be and how it can be presented. In 2008 alone we published work on the Church Street / Bridge Road billboard in Richmond and initiated a Supermarket Art exhibition in Collingwood.

adrian-doyle_disquiet_2City of Yarra is committed to providing opportunities for young people in our community and appreciates the cultural and social contribution that street artists and Napier Street Studio have made in Yarra.

adrian-doyle_disquiet_1The street art produced by Napier Studio artists reflects the social, political and cultural issues of our diverse community. Our community continues to be inspired by the diverse, challenging and high standard of art that Napier Studio brings to our public spaces.

The quality of work Napier Studio has produced reflects the commitment and talent of the young people involved. City of Yarra is proud of the program’s success and believes that it is a testament to what can be achieved with genuine community collaboration.

Adrian Doyle, Youth Arts Officer, City of Yarra

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