The artist that brought us the Baby Blue laneway, the Mockumentary about his life ‘Subtopia’ on ABC and then claimed his dad sacrificed more than Jesus when an image of his dad being crucified on a suburban power pole was forcibly removed.
Artist Adrian Doyle is at it again with his exhibition ‘You Are All The Same’ his crude sexualised images of a woman with children and cartoon characters and phallic and brutal images of men in his harsh critique of the Australian dream.

Dark Horse Experiment presents ‘YOU ARE ALL THE SAME!’, a solo exhibition by Adrian Doyle, a PHD candidate at the University of Victoria. In this exhibition, Doyle combines urban art techniques and place it in a fine art context. The composition and size have been carefully chosen to reference the scale of street art, becoming crowded and overloaded with blunt imagery and narrative. This brutalization or sensationalism is an aesthetic he has created that aligns itself with the street art movement. The application of medium is critical in the successful development of urban art, that could also be considered fine art. In Doyle’s studio practice, using the mediums in the right order and with the appropriate technique is crucial. To try and achieve this look, he has utilised a mixture of spray paint, pastels, acrylic, house paint, oil paint and ink

The subjects in his artworks borrow heavily from the urban art movement developed around the 1990s, which came onto the street in the early 2000s. Culture jamming, political satire, advertising and popular culture were the main themes of early street art, reflecting his generation and cultural influences. These images are recreated and re-examined into personal narratives that are a reflection on my experiences, but in the end our experiences are all similarly aligned. ‘You Are All The Same!’ is used as a personal critique of the suburban dream.

Artist Bio:

Doyle has an extensive education in contemporary art, completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in 2000, followed by a Masters of Fine Art through research at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. In 1999 he was awarded the Brett Whitely Travelling Art Scholarship and in 2000 his work was collected by the Art Bank of Australia. Since then Doyle has since completed residencies in France, Thailand, Shanghai and Pakistan. His work has been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions across Melbourne, Perth, Washington, New York and the National Gallery of Australia. In 2001 he set up the ‘Blender Studios’ and later formed the Melbourne Street Art Tours, guiding people through what can be described as the largest outdoor urban art gallery in the laneways of Melbourne.